October 3, 2009

WIPs: handspun version

I'm still mired in WIP-land, so here's another non-FO post. The fabulous Amy requested a look at something not commercially spun, so here we go.

What you're looking at is, from the top, some simple (in pattern) socks I dyed and spun first. They are giving me much enjoyment. The knitting of them is like a wonderful dessert at the end of a wonderful meal.

The 2nd is the first 650 yds of some dk weight shetland I'm periodically spinning. It's really lovely, but I have to say I sort of start to nod off while I'm doing it because of the incessant sameness of it. This in no way whatsoever dampens my general passion for shetland wool, because I truly love it to pieces. I will have a sweater's worth hopefully before Christmas.

The 3rd satisfies my monotony problem with the 2nd. Superwash merino from here I am spinning for some mitts and a hat for my niece's baby who is (currently) the cutest baby in the world. CMF fibre is incredible to spin. Soft and lovely and wonderful very-hard-to-photograph-especially-with-a-crappy-camera colours. My simple brain enjoys the constant amusement of what will happen next as the varying colours ply together.

Maybe something will get done around here soon despite my best efforts (I cast on 2 more projects this week). Have a great weekend!

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  1. oh, i'm drooling. these are all so lovely! thanks for posting these. i need to make some progress on a gazillion things on the needles, but i really can't wait to cast on my first ever handspun socks and start swatching with my first skein of sweater yarn -- thanks for all of the enabling and encouragement!