September 27, 2009

bohusian fun

I was hoping this would be a FO post, but alas. Life has been busy.

At least this is further along than last time I mentioned it. And it is extremely fun to work on for many reasons. Ever since I stumbled upon Poems of Color by Wendy Keele at my local library last year I have been interested in the Bohus Stickning era in Sweden. From 1939-1969 it was a cottage industry led by Emma Jacobsson to assist knitters and their families. They developed many beautiful designs for mitts, hats, pullovers and cardigans that involved intricate colourwork on very small needles.

Solveig Gustafsson now dyes gorgeous merino/angora yarns and sells kits for many of the original designs. There is also a Bohus group on Ravelry who help share information about this rather unique knitting genre.

This hat has several subtly different shades of green and a wonderful halo to the finished fabric. This makes it really hard to photograph well. I will try to do better when it's done.


  1. Love the colors and can't wait to see it finished. Very nice!


  2. that is way cool. it all looks so neat!

  3. I'm just amazed. That looks's worth way more than just one fo us as you go, it's gorgeous!

  4. Hi Chris,
    Just found your blog. How beautiful! I'll be stopping by again to see your great projects.

  5. Beautiful! I am dreaming of a Bohus sweater - they are amazing.