September 12, 2009

circling but not landing

Sometimes I'm bothered by the fact that because I tend to work on many things at once I see slower progress with any given project. It means I go through occasional periods, like right now, when everything is a WIP with no clear FO winner in sight. But it never gets boring.

The weird thing I just noticed about my "top 4" projects right now (cause there are more underway I'm not showing here) is they are all circular. That is where their similarities end. The bottom photo is an icelandic yoke pullover I'm making for myself. I'm enjoying every little piece of hay I'm pulling off of this as I go. I'm really looking forward to working on this one.

Above that is an under-the-helmet bike hat I'm making for my sweetie. It's going to get cold here soon before it actually snows (and he stops riding) and this is the 3rd or 4th DK-weight hat I've made him for this purpose. Super handy. But easy to lose, apparently.

Above that is a second grey sweater, circular, bottom up. An Owls sweater for the girl. Bulky yarn in a childsize sweater means it's going super FAST. Body + 1 sleeve = about 3 hours.

The one above that is not going to be anywhere near so fast and is proving to be an amusing counterpoint in yarn scale to the Owls sweater. It's a Bohus hat. In fingering weight wool on US 0 needles. I'm very excited about this one, too.

More details on each when I actually have them finished to show you. I'm feeling very unproductive and very productive at the same time.

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  1. i love in-progress pictures -- so much fun to see how things evolve. thanks for sharing these! i'm looking forward to learning more about them -- and seeing some more of your WIPs. (maybe even some of the handspun variety?) i may have purchased a few sweaters' worth of fiber today...