October 16, 2009

a hat so nice I made it twice

Actually, almost thrice. I made this hat recently in green. I love this pattern by Suvi. The first time I used Malabrigo. This time it's in Mission Falls 1824 wool. They both say 18sts=4" on their labels, but the Mission Falls is really much heavier and thicker.

This knit up bigger as a result and I worried the whole way through it would be ginormous. It's for a friend of mine so I didn't want to flirt with disaster like I do all the time with my own stuff. Through sheer stubbornness I kept going, but yesterday I cast on for a back-up one in navy Malabrigo since I knew how that would turn out. But I didn't need it after all. When I finished this one late last night it didn't seem as bad as I'd feared and even in the more rational light of day it remains a bigger, heavier but completely wearable hat. Yay! My friend says she likes it. I don't even think she's just trying to be nice.


  1. of course she's not just trying to be nice! this is awesome! can we see the malabrigo hats? (or do i have a problem with short term memory loss?!)

  2. What a great hat! I'd love to see the malabrigo ones too. :)

  3. of course, I love it!

  4. Alexander said:
    Can you make me one?