January 5, 2010

running with scissors

I thought I would show you some steeking. This is before I got to the front opening, but you get the idea (I ran out of sunlight to photograph). So there are 5 extra steek stitches up the front, and there was a short baby steek on the neck shaping (which is already cut in the top photo), between the stitch holders on the front and where the shoulder stitches start, plus armhole steeks (also cut in top photo).

I tried both crochet reinforcing and sewing machine. I read everything I could get my hands on (Eunny's are the standard go-to instructions, I think), and then started by crocheting the neck steek, then one armhole (middle photo). Then I cut the neck steek and decided I didn't feel secure enough with the crochet. Crochet and I try to get along once in awhile when I need an edging (mostly), but I just wasn't happy this time. So I ripped out the crochet on the arm and dragged out the sewing machine. Much happier with that method. Feeling more secure. Even the need to stitch exactly down the middle of a very tiny stitch did not deter me.

Super fun. I really don't want to ever knit on straight needles ever again.


  1. i bow to your steeking awesomeness. SO cool.

  2. Hi Chris, thank you for visiting my blog....but, as far as knitting goes, you are the queen. My goodness, this cardi you are knitting is most excellent. Colorwork! I bow to you. I did a set of colorwork fingerless mitts at the start of my knitting career a few years ago and it was almost my undoing :) I have to say I tend to do simple knits and lots of socks. I will check in your space often to keep up with your fab projects.

  3. It's beautiful! I've steeked once and also used a sewing machine, didn't quite trust my crochet :)

  4. wow. the complexity blows me away. i have trouble following K2P2 sometimes!!

    i am about to start a felted mobile project... hopefully it works out.


  5. great job! i love this pattern, think i need to add it to my queue!