January 30, 2010

back in the saddle

Thanks for all of your interesting comments about what you're up to! What a busy bunch. It was great to meet some of you for the first time. Please see the winner in the post below.

So I took a small hiatus from spinning to knit some things and I was really missing it, so I got my 2nd 8oz batch of CMF roving out and spun some singles. It's for the sweater I've talked about before a few times. Slow, but still on track. The finished yarn is gorgeous and squooshy.

I'm also working on an argyle cardigan for my husband in Rowan baby alpaca dk (which I imagine has to be the closest substitute possible to having a soft baby kitten on your lap) and I'm done the plain back, but now I've hit my nemesis on the front: intarsia.

I split my dark grey ball so I could run each of those lines up separately, but I figured I could run the taupe loosely behind the white and do it fairisle-style. It's adequately loose, but I'm having doubts. The alpaca is so fine and delicate that the slight bulge created by the extra string behind the diamonds might bug me forever.

Even though these few inches have been tediously slow and I really want to finish this before moving on to the Olympic sweater (and the Olympics are coming up.Fast.) I think I've talked myself into frogging and re-doing it with 2 taupe balls - one on either side of the diamonds. Since the diamonds go right up both fronts and there's more on the sleeves to notice it on. Drat.

Hope you're having a great, frog-free weekend.

edited to add: After ripping down, I'm back to where I was, this time with 2 balls of taupe. Totally the way to go. Faster and better all around. I would feel more clever about this if the instructions hadn't pretty much laid this out for me from the start.


  1. that spinning is bee-yoo-ti-ful -- and so is that argyle sweater! i fully support frogging -- once you've gotten to that place where you know it is the right thing to do (and you're the only one who knows that)! happy weekend.

  2. Hi Chris, the sweater is looking good. I bet that once you block it, it will be just fine. That yarn is beautiful, I made a vest from the same once and it was gorgeous to knit with. Beautiful spinning as well. Love the colorway.