August 10, 2009

camping socks

These I also knit mostly while camping. The yarn is from Crown Mountain Farms in the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds color. Totally fabulous. And free! Each skein is 200 yds and I had 2 skeins, so I started at the toes and worked up so I could stop when I ran out. This got me almost to my knees, which is great cause I've wanted high socks for awhile now. These are squooshy and warm and I love how one goes from lighter to darker going up and the other going down.

My only wish is that I had made these in time to actually wear them while tenting in the mountains. It can get pretty chilly at night there.


  1. Great socks. Love the name of the colorway :)

  2. oh_my_goodness. these are fantastic. so fantastic that i want to go cast on for socks in my lucy handspun. did you do any special kind of bind off? i still struggle with a stretchy enough bind off for up near the calf...

    these will be great company on your next camping trip!

  3. awesome! i can't believe you've knit it up already!

  4. Woah. Those are some seriously beautiful socks.