August 4, 2009

...jiggity jig

Whew. Home again. We did lots of stuff and went to many places, some of which we will return to now that we know what they're all about. If you're ever in central/western Canada, the Yellowhead and Trans Canada highways form a convenient loop that takes you from prairie flatlands to mountains and everything in between. Very cool.

So I was really hoping to have finished and taken pics of my knitting projects while on my trip, but I haven't had time to finish things yet, so here are some dinosaur country pics instead. Drumheller, Alberta. They have the world's tallest dinosaur (apparently) (top). You climb to the top and look out his mouth. Pretty much just as fun from the ground and kinda expensive to climb inside.

Cool badlands topography (middle).

But what is really worth the pretty great price of admission is the Royal Tyrell Museum there (bottom photo - by daughter). It shows everything you ever wanted to know about archaeology, dinosaurs and the geological and evolutionary history of the planet. Lots of great bones. As well as some creepy (live) albino half fish / half salamander things in a fishtank I'm trying not to think about. Don't go on a holiday long weekend, though. It was packed.

I'm really tired. In a good way.

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