August 6, 2009

camping shirt

Pattern: Raglan Leaf T-Shirt by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn: Sublime Soya Cotton DK

Technically, there was no wearing of this whilst camping, only knitting of it, but it was a great on-the-road project. Getting wonderful loot from awesome Melissa reminded me that I had wanted to make this top for awhile now. I totally LOVE it. I love anything involving leaves, no seams, and top-down. This yarn is great, too. Bought from Mona at Wolseley Wardrobe.

My spinning wheel has been very distracting since I got home (more on this later), but I sat on my porch today and finished this up because I was dying to wear it. Go! Make one, too!


  1. welcome home! and this is lovely on you. i love it over the green l/s shirt! looking forward to hearing more about your wheel...and your trip!

  2. sounds like you had fun on your trip! glad you like you're leaf t-shirt, it looks so cute over your green shirt. i still wear mine all the time.

  3. How to you whip this stuff off so fast?? That would take me year and much help from jabba to make.

    It looks great!