August 9, 2009

strawberries and kiwi

I have been spinning like a fiend since being reunited with my beloved wheel. Here's one example. It's the 4oz. of superwash Corriedale I dyed a few months ago. I have been struggling with the whole learning curve of spinning in general and in making a sock yarn that pleases me, in particular. I have generally been too tight. Receiving and subsequently studying the handspun sockyarn from Crown Mountain Farms recently helped some (I just finished socks! More later).

Maybe it's cause I'm on vacation but I managed to loosen up and spin a better, if not perfect, yarn. It's just a 2-ply (like CMF's) but it's consistent and I got 387 yards. My only complaint is I can't get quite the "sproinginess" I would like, although it's not bad. Actually, I was reading up last night and realized for a worsted I should have more twist in the singles and less in the plying, so I may have been a wee bit too relaxed on the singles. I have to find the sweet spot.


  1. Amazing! That looks so professional. Are you planning to sell the yarn at any point?

  2. this looks great! i know what you mean about finding the sweet spot -- i think i got a lot closer with my most recent CMF spinning -- the sock yarn before it will wear like iron, i think, but it wasn't squishy enough, and i think it is because i overplied. i'm realizing that i need to leave room for the yarn to plump up in the washing/thwacking phase! can't wait to see what you make with this lovely lovely yarn.