December 27, 2011

phoenix socks

pattern: 'Clandestine' by cookie a
from: Knit.Sock.Love
yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock in 'tiziano red'

I was so proud of myself for starting this Christmas present way back in July but ran into a small snag when I realized the cuff of the first sock was too snug. However, thanks to your encouraging comments I tinked back and re-knit the cuff and then completed the second sock in time to send them to my stepmom a few weeks ago.

I really love this pattern, this yarn, this colour. They were somewhat challenging, as I only occasionally knit lace, but epitomized what I love about the sock paradigm: you can get through anything when it's only 14" long. It was so nice to have socks to knit for carrying around again and I decided I will continue to do so forever more. Nothing beats them for bleacher knitting. I'm happy Santa gave me some new sock needles for this.

After lots of family, fun and food we are relaxing at last. I hope you had a great time, too.


  1. Sigh, LOVE! I am working on sock #2 for hubby. I am so excited I am knitting again I don't even care that it's just a basic sock. Calgary is like spring this year, can't get over it, does not feel like Christmas. Usually it should be like -20!! Hope you had a great Christmas and of course, the best in 2012 to your and your family.

  2. They're beautiful. Hope they were well received!