December 11, 2011

crazy month post

December and June are always such madness. I have been knitting like a fiend, but I can't show you much. Except for a sweater I hope to post soon because it's not a surprise for its (very patient) recipient. I hope your holiday knitting isn't overwhelming you.

In the meantime I thought I'd pass along this charming video. Because really. There's nothing cuter than singing lambs.

I also decided when I braved the mall yesterday that I'm really loving the current trend of 'outdoorsy' wear - plaid flannel, cabled sweaters, fair isle. I've always loved this stuff but now it's everywhere (including lots in acrylic that I know would be sooo much better in good wool...). This is truly my favourite season, knit-wise. I saw some springwear in one store and thought 'Already? Let me enjoy the wintery stuff a bit longer!'

Oh - also, I'm reading all your great blog posts, everyone, but not commenting because recently Blogger refuses to let me, for some reason. I've been through all the (so-called) Help info and can't find the problem. So, I'm mute and frustrated. But I'm here for you.

Happy weekend.


  1. Excellent video! Now I am off to my sack to count the talented sheep I've just seen!

  2. Those are some damn cute sheep. I too will miss the holiday fair isle inspired knits in all the store. Why must they just be for Christmas?

  3. Just found your blog and love it. I'm new to knitting and it's great to see where I could be in (quite) a few years!

  4. I'm knitting like crazy, too, and loving it. You should see how many WIPs I have on needles -- it's pretty nutty! Great video ... I love sheep.

  5. I'm so glad the frustration over blogger hasn't kept you from contacting me on Ravelry! Unlike you I have not been able to keep up with the knitting blogosphere, and I missed THREE of your designs. Your work is stunning! I don't need to tell you that I *must* make Pods to go with my Seeds. :)

  6. You've been nominated :)