December 4, 2011

out of this world

explorer ani

Look around you, in this extraordinary Country, and contemplate the various Shows and Diversions of the People, and then say, whether their temper or mind at various periods of our History, may not be collected from them?

G.S. Eckham, 1840, Exhibitions of Mechanical and Other Works of Ingenuity

We went to Orlando last week. It was the first time we've gone there and it was utterly perfect. Off-season, so not a lot of standing in lines, great weather and lots to do and see. Seaworld was fabulous, as was Disneyworld. Kennedy Space Center was a nice diversion. Even met a real shuttle astronaut, though my favourite part was the IMAX movie shot on the Hubble Telescope. We conquered all the crazy rides. Even the classic Space Mountain. It's a Small World was cool from a retro graphics perspective, but oh, that repetitive song. I can't imagine working in there.

It was great escapism. I was actually able to forget the holidays are so close. The mall's crowds were a shock when we got back. Maybe I could just get everything online if I hurry? I also have lots of knitting to finish and not enough time. Same as every year. It's so cold here now I'll just put my sandals away, make some tea and get to work.

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  1. I'm so glad you had fun! The photos look wonderful!
    I've been shopping for Christmas gifts the last few days, still don't have everything.