July 5, 2011

the dog hair won't show on this one...

It hasn't been all carding and spinning around here. I've also been testing another knit. I don't know what it is about "looking for test knitters" that I find so hard to resist, but I had to do this great cardigan. I may also need to make the adorable child's version. I enjoy the whole deadline thing, as it helps to counteract my natural urge to hop between a kazillion projects at once.

I'm using Debbie Bliss cashmerino dk, which of course is fabulous. It's been in my stash and been allocated and re-allocated too many times for too long and it just had to be used. This is the perfect fun but fairly simple knit to let my brain chill after a June which was way too crazy busy.

Hope you're keeping cool.


  1. That is truly a beautiful shade!

  2. The cardi is cute - definitely a wardrobe staple! Your recent colorwork projects are beyou-tiful too :-)

  3. Thanks for jumping into Wharton! I've finished The Buccaneers and want to jump right into another but I have the new Ann Patchett to read. I feel like you knit 3 garments in the time that it takes me to make one. Way to go!