July 18, 2011


Pattern: Pods (mine)
Yarn: Dale of Norway Heilo in #5042 Orchid, #5062 Plum Smoke and #9145 Asparagus

"Let's make [mittens] in May...large projects may lie heavy and warm on the lap, but small things like mittens and socks are easy to carry about outdoors, and can be made surprisingly fast. Stash them away as they are finished, and when the time comes, next winter, you can deal them out with a liberal hand"~ Elizabeth Zimmermann

About 16 months ago I made the Seeds hat. Soon after that I decided I like to have the option of matching hats and mitts sometimes and I should really design some mitts, too. I finally got around to that.

It's been so exhaustingly hot and humid lately, even thinking about wool has caused me to perspire. But if I go too long without knitting I start to get twitchy, so I dug out all the small projects I've been meaning to get done; hence the mitts. Besides, EZ said the warm weather months are perfect for knitting them.

For both the hat and mitts some basic colourwork skills are helpful to have. Both hat and mitts have turned hems for extra warmth and have similar charts. The needle sizes are slightly bigger on the mitts than on the hat, only because I have a bit tighter gauge on dpns than on circulars. Your own gauge may vary.

Hope you're having a great summer. :D


  1. They're really loveley and a perfect match with the Seeds hat!

  2. I am amazed how you are able to make all those wonderful stitches work out in such a great pattern Chris. Awesome!!!