July 13, 2011


Pattern: Leonie - Adult Sizes by Dani Sunshine
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino dk in #162B

I seem to have a thing for test-knitting cardigan patterns in the stifling heat of July....it's over 30 degrees C here right now, so I threw on the lightest tank top I could find and got this photo taken fast. This was a quick and enjoyable knit. A well-written pattern that I would completely recommend to anyone. There's also a wonderful child's version here.

The yarn caused it to grow during blocking, so it's roomier than I intended, but right now I'm not really minding that. I didn't enjoy the yarn in general as much as I first thought. It had several annoying knots and the plies had loosened in several places, causing them to fuzz. I may make this again in a different yarn at some point.

Dani herself has a fabulous wee yarn shop here. I just adore her colours.

I thought I'd also give a plug for a great readalong / knitalong group on Ravelry for those of you who enjoy Edith Wharton. I can't resist Misa and her great ideas! I'm actually listening to Brenda Dayne (from Cast On!) read 'The Age of Innocence' from LibriVox so I can knit these fabulous socks at the same time.

While I sit close to the air conditioner. And the panting dog.

Stay cool, cool peeps.

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