June 30, 2011

fleece project, part 2

I said I would talk about carding the washed wool so I will, but I should stress the fact that I'm totally new to this. In fact, this is the first time I've used my carders since they arrived a few weeks ago because I've always been uneasy about carding and bought combed top instead. All because I showed a complete ineptitude for it at a learn to spin class several years ago. Anyway, I'm over it now and this is a lot of fun.

my resulting little rolags...

I'm starting a single sport-ish weight but am thinking about a 2 ply.
I'm trying to practice long draw for this woolen situation, but it's really halfway to worsted. I'm guessing the wool is shetland, though the staple length is a bit shorter than I've seen before. If I'm a goof for trying woolen with shetland, feel free to say it, but it's looking nice.

and zoom out to show the ever-present dog nose...

Sophie can't resist the wool. It still has so much of its lovely sheepiness.

Happy Canada Day!!


  1. lovely. and oh, that sweet dog face! love her, and love seeing more of her!

  2. Love all the different shades in the wool. I wouldn't even begin to know what to do as far as carding.