September 6, 2015

fest of fibre round two

I've spent part of this summer doing lots and lots of dyeing for an upcoming fibre fest. It's my second time as a vendor there and this year is bigger and better than ever. I'm really looking forward to it.

Last year I took a variety of my yarn and fibre bases, but this year I decided to focus on SOCKS. I'm really excited about several new things I've been dyeing up, especially because all but one of my bases are now sourced in Canada, and I'm really happy to be supporting domestic mills.

So, in addition to my 80% superwash merino/20% nylon 'Sock' base...

and the matching spinning fibre with the same sw merino/nylon composition...

I also have a new 80% superwash bfl/20% nylon sock yarn

and matching spinning fibre

 I love how the bfl takes up the dye so differently from the merino; it blends much more quickly and  has a more subtle tone overall.

I've also been experimenting with double-stranded sock blanks.

They're great for knitting perfectly matching two-at-a-time socks like these

Yay for socks! Of course, these are all great for shawls, sweaters, etc. as well. I also think knitting the blanks double-stranded for a dk weight accessory would be great. So many possibilities. 

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