May 27, 2012

rainy day spinning

I somehow failed to take a picture of this gorgeous superwash merino fibre from Pigeonroof Studios before spinning it, but this is it spun. I have about 282 yds of sport/dk weight from 4oz. The colour is called 'Springtide', from the May fibre club. I love the large percentage of white in this. Light and cheerful.

Is anyone doing the Tour de Fleece this year? If you spin, it's a fun thing to join and set challenges for yourself while the Tour de France is on. Assuming you're like me and need to be doing something else while you watch tv. I'm on the Northbound Knitting team and I thought I was all set to spin another sweater's worth of fibre when I realized I may be away from my wheel for 2 of the weeks it's on. This means digging out the spindle I haven't used in years and struggling to make something resembling yarn with it. Yikes. I'm severely downgrading my fibre amount goals now.

Happy long weekend, American peeps. I wish I could stay home tomorrow, too.

May 18, 2012

spoiled for choice

When I started dyeing yarn and thinking about opening a shop I knew I wanted to offer a fairly simple and straightforward collection of yarns in all weights. Partly because, as a spinner, I also wanted to dye several sheep breeds and I didn't want a store cluttered with a bazillion different things. I like it simple. So I tested many yarns and thought a lot about what I would want if I could only choose a few. Ultimately, I dye what I most love to work with.

I have this fantastic fingering weight sock yarn in the shop that's a 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon blend and I enjoy dyeing it and knitting with it a lot. It has a lovely, smooth ply. But I have another sock yarn that has slightly less nylon (20%) in it but has a plumper twist to the plies. Both are great yarns, perfect for socks, shawls, etc.  But I needed to choose between the two because I don't like offering two bases that are so similar. After much thought  I decided to go with the second one. It will be put in the shop in a few weeks.

So I've put the skeins of the first yarn on sale and I won't be dyeing more. I figure no-one but me is emotionally attached to it yet, so I have some flexibility.  : )

May 14, 2012

miscellaneous monday

I just got this off my wheel, so I thought I'd show you. First I grabbed a bunch of "experiment dyeing" fibre I had lying around and sorted it into dark and light colour piles. Then spun each and plied them together to make a cheerful hodepodge. I have about 300 yds of worsted weight, so I might use it in a sweater for the girl along with a solid colour.

I'm still at the bottom of the sock rabbit hole with no desire to leave, so I cast on for a pair with this fabulous bfl yarn that Odessa dyed and sells at her store. I love these jewel colours.

I also put some superwash merino combed top in the shop yesterday. I have the day off today, so I plan to dye, knit and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

May 6, 2012

give me some wood and i'll build you a cabinet*

Pattern: 'Clandestine' by cookie a
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering Wt. in 'Peacock'

This week, I finished knitting this pattern for the second time since it's an option in the socks class I'm teaching and the first pair I made live in Ontario and weren't available as demos. This time I used the Knitty pattern version, and it's written differently from the Knit.Sock.Love version I used previously. I much prefer the Knitty one. The charts are less complicated and I generally found it read more clearly.

Tanis's yarns are wonderful, and this colour is striking in real life. The overcast day won't let me capture it well. I love my new sock blockers, too. I feel so mature, owning sock blockers.

Also, ongoing dyeing. Some of my current favourites:

(superwash merino)

( a new heavy lace / light fingering yarn I'm trying that's fanTAStic. great yardage, too)

Hope you have a good week.

* It's a sad time for Beastie Boys fans. :(