May 28, 2011

decisions, decisions...

I decided I wanted to spin another sweater, so I bought 550 grams (20 ozs) of some gorgeous handdyed Falkland from Kirsten to spin into a 2 ply dk-ish weight yarn.

I have about 600 yds after finishing 8 ozs, so I'm hoping I'll eventually have enough for a light cardigan.

But I can't decide if I should find a simple pattern for it like this one, or come up with something simple myself.

Meanwhile, I'm at the top of the yoke now with the child's cardigan I'm designing, so I have to make a decision about what I want the neck to do. I found some good buttons for the front this morning, so I'm nearly there. I'm really happy with this yarn and the way it's turning out in general.

I also just bought some impatiens for my porch planter, half my juniper bed perished this winter and needs severe pruning, and the weather is finally nice right now, so I should get outside and get dirty. Happy weekend.

May 14, 2011

random saturday

The warm weather is finally finally here, therefore I want to work strictly on small or lightweight projects for the next few months. So currently in progress are some socks, a shawl, a fingering wt. scarf, a cardigan for me and the cardigan you see above which is something I'm designing for a fabulous woman named Mona who owns one of the yarn stores here. It's in sport weight cotton, sized for children and will have a cardigan or pullover option. I'm pretty happy with it so far.

I also put together a bird, nest and tree-themed wall in my diningroom (click on photo to en-biggen).

a. this is what I started with, as I've owned and loved this antique photo of a bird on a tree (complete with real feathers at the bottom) for years

b. my fabulous cousin sells these in her shop here . I adore everything she makes.

c. print by Matte Stephens - his shop is here. Awesome, no?

d. I owned these already - original prints of trees by a local artist whose name I don't have - they were in a pile of prints for sale in another artist's studio when I toured through one day

e. print on page from a dictionary from this shop

f. print of birds in the forest from this shop

I love Etsy. Since I'm talking about it, some of my other favourite Etsy shops are: here for spinning fibre, here for handdyed yarn, and here for wooden buttons.

I hope your weekend is going well. Now I must take my dog for a stroll in the sunshine.