March 21, 2013

autumn frost 2

Pattern: Autumn Frost Socks by Susi Ferguson
Yarn: St. Denis Boreale in 'Chalk Blue', 'Fjord', 'Black' and 'White'

I started these almost a year ago and got one done before other things took over and they were put down. I want to finish off as many WIPs as possible this year, so two nights ago I grabbed this bag and knocked out the second sock. It's a highly entertaining pattern (I've made them once before about 2 years ago, for my Mom), written by Susi who designs amazing stranded things of all shapes.

This is one of my favourite yarns of all time, and it's very sad that it's discontinued. If you ever get your hands on some I highly recommend it for colourwork, especially.

I've felt really unmotivated about blogging, dyeing, spinning, knitting etc. lately. I suspect it may be this unending winter and the constant flow of low grade flus/colds going around my house. I'm not sure. I hope spring weather and regular running will bring back my mojo and focus. In the meantime, knit on!

March 10, 2013

oatmeal for wearing

Pattern: Burrard by Glenna C
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in 'Dove Heather'

This cardigan by Glenna is in the same issue of Twist Collective as my Whirlpool vest, and I've wanted to make it ever since it was released. In the middle of winter you sometimes need something cabley and comforting to knit and this was perfect. It made me think of oatmeal because of its colour, its warmth and how satisfyingly perfect it was for February.

I love the undulating motif and the shawl collar. This no-nonsense yarn is so perfect for it, too. Like humble oatmeal it does the job well without fuss or bravado. Nice, crisp cable work and lots of warmth. Same Japanese buttons I used on my Hello Winter sweater, from Kirsten's shop.

Pattern: Branchy by Odessa Reichel
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca colour #6206 (held double to get bulky weight)

Another grey thing: I made this hat last week because the green version I'd made in the fall mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter, much to my dismay. The alpaca in this version softens the cable slightly but provides lots of extra warmth and coziness. Odessa makes fab patterns.

The excuse to knit things like this is what I love about winter.

March 2, 2013

more monkeys

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in 'Adonis Butterfly' (discontinued, but you can still get Bugga! from Cephalopod Yarns and The Verdant Gryphon). 

I've made this pattern once before, and it's fast and fun, so when I needed a birthday gift for a friend last week I grabbed this yarn and got to work. They're lovely, soft and teal, so I couldn't go wrong. I also realized that I've made many many socks in the past few years and only 1 pair for myself, so I may need to remedy that soon.

I also thought I'd mention that I added instructions to my Shadow pattern so you can avoid the scary steek, as I know they're intimidating for many people. It had started its life as a shaping prototype for a stranded cardigan idea (hence the steek) which I never followed up on...then several people asked me for a pattern so I just wrote it as I'd knit it. But I've been meaning to add extra instructions for awhile so now they're in there.

Hope your weekend's going well!