November 19, 2011

I'm dyeing here...

doing some colour experiments...

and spinning some fibre others have dyed...

and bundling up with the sudden onslaught of winter. But not complaining because in a week we're going south to see the sun.

Hope your weekend is fab.

November 11, 2011


Yes. Two posts in one day. I'm so reckless.

This is something I've been working on lately - a top-down raglan cardigan in Shalimar Yarns 'Breathless'. It's a merino / cashmere / silk blend that is absolutely amazing to knit with. Her colours are wonderful, too. This is shown in 'Glacier' (MC) and 'Gunmetal' (CC).

I have loved welts and ridges for a long time, and I really liked how this yarn felt when folded, so I decided to use welts in my design. The sleeves have three of them which form a sort of extended cuff, and this is repeated on the front edges. Then the top and bottom of the body are hemmed. I think this gives nice structure to the fingering weight sweater, as does the gauge of 26 sts / 4" (10cm). I debated for a time about closures and settled on eyes and hooks on the upper front, so as not to distract from the ridges.

I was also wanting something, similar to the ridge, on the back for interest and came across Erica's ingenius decrease pleat, which she kindly permitted me to use and reverse for a top-down. Overall, pleased.

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, so we are not at work or school but instead are taking a moment to remember all those who have fought so hard and given their lives to ensure we live in a safe and peaceful country. 11:00 am is the time, specifically, we do so. We wear a poppy over our hearts as a symbol of this. I knit one for myself and 3 others from Laura's pattern and wonderful post here. The size variation of the ones above are due to using and subsequently breaking several of my 2.25mm wooden dpn's (using worsted weight wool; it needs to be tight) and then going up 2 needle sizes and also adding one extra round of stitches on the next ones.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope it's peaceful.

November 2, 2011


Wool. The most wonderful fibre in the world. Also highly misused as a term to describe multiple fibre combinations that contain no sheep's wool at all. There's a campaign this month to inform people about wool and its properties - the amazing Kate Davies is starting it here, and the official website is here and under the button at right. On the heels of Shetland Wool Week, Jamieson and Smith is involved and offering prizes for the Wovember photo gallery - also check out their new book Knit Real Shetland here.

Speaking of wool, Jared has a new fingering weight version of Shelter yarn which looks wonderful.

Winter's coming. Put on some real wool.