December 28, 2011

cowichans for tiny tots

So, the 'losing my mind by deciding to knit two sweaters a week before Christmas' comment had to do with these.....I figured they wouldn't take long since they're bulky weight and for small guys. 

Pattern:  White Buffalo Tiny Tot's Sweater and Toque
Yarn: Briggs and Little Country Roving in 'black', 'white' and 'dark grey' for the larger sweater and in 'sheep's brown', 'white' and 'medium brown' for the smaller one  

A size 6 for my niece's older son

And a size 2 for his little brother

They were fast and fun to knit. The only mishap was buying the zippers before I started because I overshot the length for the bigger one by just over an inch so when I went to sew it in on Sunday night I couldn't. I dug out all the zippers in my stash. Then I dumped out all my wooden buttons, but had nothing useful. So I had to wait until the fabric store opened at noon the next day to rush there while simultaneously getting ready for a big family party. Happily, the zipper got in and they got their sweaters in time. I hope they keep them toasty.

I should also mention that my Expectation pattern that was downloadable from Sanguine Gryphon is temporarily unavailable because Sanguine Gryphon is no longer in existence as of the end of this month. Sarah and Gryphon are re-opening as two separate yarn companies in the next few weeks, so the patterns' rights reverted back to the designers. I need to re-knit and re-format, so it will be a few weeks before I can get it up again.

Hope your week is going well.

December 27, 2011

phoenix socks

pattern: 'Clandestine' by cookie a
from: Knit.Sock.Love
yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock in 'tiziano red'

I was so proud of myself for starting this Christmas present way back in July but ran into a small snag when I realized the cuff of the first sock was too snug. However, thanks to your encouraging comments I tinked back and re-knit the cuff and then completed the second sock in time to send them to my stepmom a few weeks ago.

I really love this pattern, this yarn, this colour. They were somewhat challenging, as I only occasionally knit lace, but epitomized what I love about the sock paradigm: you can get through anything when it's only 14" long. It was so nice to have socks to knit for carrying around again and I decided I will continue to do so forever more. Nothing beats them for bleacher knitting. I'm happy Santa gave me some new sock needles for this.

After lots of family, fun and food we are relaxing at last. I hope you had a great time, too.

December 23, 2011

peace and joy

I found these Christmas action photos my daughter took on the camera. Sorry for the holiday knitting-induced silence over here. I lost my mind a bit a week ago when I decided I could make 2 sweaters before the 25th, but everything's going fine. I'm looking forward to seeing our families and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

I wish you the happiest of holidays.

December 11, 2011

crazy month post

December and June are always such madness. I have been knitting like a fiend, but I can't show you much. Except for a sweater I hope to post soon because it's not a surprise for its (very patient) recipient. I hope your holiday knitting isn't overwhelming you.

In the meantime I thought I'd pass along this charming video. Because really. There's nothing cuter than singing lambs.

I also decided when I braved the mall yesterday that I'm really loving the current trend of 'outdoorsy' wear - plaid flannel, cabled sweaters, fair isle. I've always loved this stuff but now it's everywhere (including lots in acrylic that I know would be sooo much better in good wool...). This is truly my favourite season, knit-wise. I saw some springwear in one store and thought 'Already? Let me enjoy the wintery stuff a bit longer!'

Oh - also, I'm reading all your great blog posts, everyone, but not commenting because recently Blogger refuses to let me, for some reason. I've been through all the (so-called) Help info and can't find the problem. So, I'm mute and frustrated. But I'm here for you.

Happy weekend.

December 4, 2011

out of this world

explorer ani

Look around you, in this extraordinary Country, and contemplate the various Shows and Diversions of the People, and then say, whether their temper or mind at various periods of our History, may not be collected from them?

G.S. Eckham, 1840, Exhibitions of Mechanical and Other Works of Ingenuity

We went to Orlando last week. It was the first time we've gone there and it was utterly perfect. Off-season, so not a lot of standing in lines, great weather and lots to do and see. Seaworld was fabulous, as was Disneyworld. Kennedy Space Center was a nice diversion. Even met a real shuttle astronaut, though my favourite part was the IMAX movie shot on the Hubble Telescope. We conquered all the crazy rides. Even the classic Space Mountain. It's a Small World was cool from a retro graphics perspective, but oh, that repetitive song. I can't imagine working in there.

It was great escapism. I was actually able to forget the holidays are so close. The mall's crowds were a shock when we got back. Maybe I could just get everything online if I hurry? I also have lots of knitting to finish and not enough time. Same as every year. It's so cold here now I'll just put my sandals away, make some tea and get to work.