April 30, 2011

we'll buy a dog named...

Pattern: Seeds
Yarn: Cascade Superwash Sport, colours 900 (dark grey), 1946 (light grey), and 1910 (light teal)

I decided to try out Cascade Sport for stranded projects since I can buy it at my LYS, so I made another of my Seeds hats. I really enjoyed this yarn. One of my beefs with some superwash yarns is their "filminess" of superwash coating. This one doesn't have that. It's lovely and soft instead. I want to make a whole sweater out of this now.

And because I know you are all on the edge of your seats, the name we finally picked for the sweet beastie below is: SOPHIE.

About 2 months ago while my daughter and I were still haunting the humane society every saturday and I knew every adoptable dog in the city by name, my daughter started singing this Backyardigans song over and over again. That made us decide that if we were to ever get a girl dog her name would be Sophie. Then we got this dog and got sidetracked with a million other names until finally circling back.

But it made me laugh when I saw this comment here last week:

Anonymous said...
I'm going to embarrass myself by de-lurking & offering the name that instantly popped into my head: Sophia. Her eyes are calm & wise (but not w/o sass). I love dogs, I hope she's your girl.

Amazing and cool. Happy weekend, peeps.

April 22, 2011

new things that are great

Things have been busy lately here in the Doodle house. First I have to show you these fantastic socks I've been testknitting for Susi. She is such a fabulous sock designer. I can't say enough about them. They're challenging, graphically intriguing and super warm and well-fitting. My Rav project page is here. I used a mix of stash yarn to get the colours I liked. Many fingering weight mostly-solid yarns would do. She's also done a fingerless mitts version, which I love.

Thanks Susi for this wonderful pattern!! I know I'll be making these again.

The other news is we have a new friend in our house. She's a 6 month old Lab cross from one of the wonderful shelters here. She's been in foster care for the last while with a fantastic guy and his 2 wee dogs, so he did lots of great work socializing her and helping her with her shyness. This is her first day with us, and she's already adjusting really well. We hope very much that she likes it here. As several of you know I've been searching for the right dog for us for quite awhile.

We're still trying to figure out what name she needs and have come up with a long list of candidates so far. Something will click soon.

Hope you have a great long weekend. Happy Easter!

April 1, 2011

socks are hard

So I got it in my head about 6 weeks ago that I wanted to design some socks. Seeing as I've knit lots of them I thought I knew my way around them a bit. So I started charting and knitting and more charting and more knitting and ripping. It's 6 weeks later and I have knit a total of 4 complete socks and have 1 to show for it.

Pretty frustrating, but each time I kept telling myself "hey. it's just a little sock. not much to rip back and reknit....after its timeout." It started having 3 charts; now there's 2. I've also switched up the heels and ribbing. Susi offered a very helpful tip, as well; many thanks!

I think it's there. It's super comfortable and warm. But I guess now it needs a mate.