July 21, 2013

fin de la tour

I guess, technically, I accomplished my meager Tour de Fleece goal of getting back into spinning, but I really didn't spin as much as I could have, or have done in years past. Some knitting, sewing, dyeing, living got in the way of that. However, this managed to turn into this:

Pigeonroof Studios BFL in 'mollusc'. +/- 300 yds sportweight.

And these leftover polwarth dyeing experiments from 3 years ago became these:

I have about 550 yds sportweight between them, so I figure they'll make a cute pair of striped socks someday.

There is also a small update of polwarth combed top in the shop.

Happy weekend!


  1. I'd have to say that you got alot accomplished. The colors are gorgeous as usual!

  2. Your photos are just so gorgeous, you really do these beautiful fibers justice.