August 8, 2013


I have a new pattern! I've been waiting a long time to talk about this one, so I'm very happy it was released yesterday.

It's called 'Insulate' and it's in the Knitpicks 'Wool of the Andes Collection' found here and here. I'm excited it's also on the cover :). I knit my version of this one over Christmas and wore it a LOT while still keeping it a secret (thankfully, the dog doesn't blog about what I wear on our walks) last winter. Very cozy on cooler days.

I really enjoy working with Wool of the Andes - great stitch definition on cables and super warm. This sweater is worked from the top down, back and forth in one piece, and there's short row shaping on the neck and tops of the sleeves. The cables continue up the saddle shoulders and onto the collar - I like buttoning mine right up to have the extra warmth around my neck.

I'm hating the thought that cooler weather is right around the corner, but cozy sweaters and fall knitting take the edge off a bit.


  1. LOVE the look of tailored jacket. Great structuring proportions! Love, love, love!

  2. Congratulations! It's beautiful!

  3. congratulations! a beautiful sweater :)