July 4, 2013

back on the horse

I can't believe it's been two months since I last posted here. Well, actually, I can. Because May and June always kick my butt with their mayhem and this year was no exception. I feel like I haven't had a lot of knitting time. But I did knit something I can't talk about yet in a stunningly gorgeous yarn. Then I knit the girl a sock in some Manos Alegria but I'm ripping it back because her foot has grown a lot since the last time I made her socks. I guess that was awhile ago. And I have a sweater idea that is holding my brain hostage so I've been working on that.

And it's Tour de Fleece time again. I was going to sit out this year, but Odessa enticed me back to my neglected wheel. She has been spinning like a maniac. I have meagerly managed to get half of this:

to look like this

   More soon. Happy 4th of July, US friends!


  1. I was just wondering the few days "Where is Chris?". Love the yarn you have spun. So pretty as usual. I just love the colors you put together. Here's hoping you get more time for knitting and spinning. :)

  2. Gorgeous choice of colours!

  3. Beautiful! As usual, you continue to amaze us all with your talent! Hope to see you at GB soon!!