August 19, 2011

fleece project, part 3

The wool I am in the process of washing-carding-spinning-knitting is a fleece from my friends' Welsh Mountain sheep. I've been doing some reading and the typical staple length is 8-10cm and micron measurement is 35-28. What I have is a lovely mottled brown / grey and reminds me of some shetland I spun last year.

I'm spinning a 2-ply

resulting in a roughly dk weight

I have about 230 yds so far. When setting the twist I gave the yarn a final bath of hot water with detergent to get out the last of the lanolin. You can probably tell my carding and resultant spinning was not the smoothest in the world, but the end result exhibits a certain rustic charm I'm enjoying.

I'm getting some prepared Welsh from Lisa soon, so I'm looking forward to spinning more of this lovely breed. My friend has chickens in her backyard. I'm sure no-one (but my dog, maybe) would notice if I had a little sheep in mine...


  1. Lol! Chris, I can't tell you how many times I've asked (begged) my husband for a sheep :)

  2. I like the rustic look that the yarn has. It makes it that much more special. As far as having animals, if I had to land I would have a small farm going. Emphasizing small mind you. :)