August 9, 2011

wip wednesday

miscellaneous works in progress...

messing around with light scarf ideas and fingering weight yarn. fabulous skein from Dani.

test-knitting this piece of brilliance from Connie

(the crazy heat ended, so back to) spinning the fleece I washed and carded

making these. they rock.
starting obedience classes next week. though she's already perfectly awesome.

more on everything soon.


  1. The texture on those red socks is amazing. Our dog is perfectly awesome too, but I sometimes wonder if a basic obedience class might not have been a bad idea.

  2. So good to see Sofie (Sophia?) Her fur is so very healthy and eyes still wise. Love the pose. Your girl looks a happy one. And yeah, I'm still a dog fan. Love your knitting too, after all, that's what brought me here. The dog is just fortuitous, more pics!!!