March 24, 2011

some people do crosswords...

I really adore pretty much anything to do with the act of knitting, knitting tools and knitting techniques. But were I to be stranded indefinitely on a desert island and could only bring one knitting project with me (totally plausible) would be something complicated, super time-consuming and stranded. Thin yarn and charts provide such great entertainment value per dollar spent and per hour knit.

Speaking of which, the uber talented Kirsten just released her Urban Mandarin pattern and I am really looking forward to doing this one. It has fabulous style and I absolutely LOVE this motif. It's in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, one of my favourite yarns. There are some great FO's, too. This is going to be a fun knit.

(photos by Kirsten used with permission)

I'm currently test knitting these wonderful socks by Susi, who is another designer of fabulous stranded knitwear. I love Latvian braid and the crisp contrast of the black and white. It's very exciting to me that there are so many knitters doing really interesting things with colourwork design right now.

I'm also working on this. Which is part of a humble sock I have ripped and re-knit a couple of times but which I think is finally getting somewhere in the vicinity of where I want it.

Hope you're having a great week. Spring is coming. I can almost feel it.

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  1. The Urban Mandarin pattern looks beautiful, complicated but beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful week :)