February 25, 2011

random thoughts friday

I've had trees and tree-like shapes on my brain lately as I'm working on a chart for a project. They're generally a constant source of imagery in my head and I frequently dream of forests and bosques. I've also been listening to Arcade Fire a lot; mostly while riding home through the tree-lined streets after work on the bus. I saw them in concert last fall and I'm so glad they're getting the recognition they deserve. Speaking of trees, this is a cool film by Chris Milk with Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait".

I'm also trying to curb my obsession with Ann's fabulous new design, as I have many other things to knit right now. Though I do have stuff that would work in the stash...

I'm also doing a lot of spinning, so I'll post about that soon. Hope your Friday is fab.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with all those designs swirling in your head ;)

  2. I can't wait to see what those little tree charts end up being. I hope you have a wonderful weekend working with them.