February 20, 2011

keeping the dog warm, take 2

Pattern: DROPS dog coat, again
Yarn: Cascade 220 superwash colour # 1909

So I really felt I had provided the dog with too small a sweater in my last post, so I re-knit it in the largest ("Cocker Spaniel") size in another superwash yarn. This is a great heathery, deep red and works well with the cables. She seems to like it, though she's really amenable to pretty much anything. She goes home today and we will miss having this very sweet dog.

We're all suffering from bad chest colds here, but I hope you're having a good weekend.


  1. so cute. sigh. i wish boh would wear coats. or anything, really. feel better!!

  2. That is a very handsome sweater! Feel better soon!!

  3. What a lucky pup! Any puppy would be proud to wear such a gorgeous sweater. =)

  4. That sweater is super elegant. That dog is ready to strut its stuff on Park Avenue.

  5. So sorry you are sick! We are all on the mend over here. Love the sweater...too cute!

  6. wooooooo he is so cute! You are right, this one is a better fit!
    Hope you get well soon!! Take care!