November 28, 2010

how many times can I bore you with pictures of the same sweater....

It's really because I'm test knitting this that I feel I should do a weekly check-in on my progress, so I apologize for dwelling on the same thing every week (feel free to change the channel). Which is convenient because there are other knitting things going on I can't talk about anyway (isn't it always like that this time of year?), so here's week #3 of this. I was really hoping to have finished the body by now, but alas. I was also hoping to have finished the house painting by now, but there are still drop sheets in my photos, so no need to say anything more. Sigh.

You can see the various steek setups here - the neck in the middle and the two sleeves at the sides. Shaping is occurring at various rates on either side of them, so some paying attention is needed.

We've had almost a winter's worth of snow already, so getting around this week was cumbersome. But this time of year and the snow make me think of sweaters with reindeer and toques with birds like in this book. As I don't have time to make such items myself right now I would have to pay someone to knit them for me which would just be silly, so I won't. I actually had the thought 'I hope winter lasts really long this year so I have enough time to knit everything I want to'. Obviously, the cold is addling my brain.

Happy snowy weekend to you.


  1. I for one do not mind the up dates to this gorgeous sweater. Keep it coming. I know exactly how you feel about the projects you want to do for yourself. I just have to take a deep breath and keep moving along. Love the picture of the playhouse and all the snow. So pretty.

  2. It's not boring. I'm interested in the progress.

  3. Is that a playhouse in your back yard?? It's SOOO cute. Ahh!

    The sweater is amazing! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  4. With all that beautiful colorwork those pictures will never be boring :)