November 20, 2010

november's too busy. maybe december will be quiet....

Week #2 progress shot of Sant'Angelo. Still loving it. Wishing I didn't have hockey games, swimming lessons, meetings, etc. every single night of the week so I could work on it more, but still progressing (I went to a hockey game with my son and 4000 other school patrols last night and had the thrill of standing in line for an hour to meet Nathan Kress of the tv show iCarly. Even though I'm not 12 I still thought he was super cute). I haven't resorted to taking the sweater and its cones with me to these functions (to my son's relief, I'm sure) but I may still. I need a good pair of socks or something as I'm completely lacking in travel knitting at the moment but I'm afraid to start something else.

There's also those plastic drop sheets on the floor in the photo. Painting is still going. Taking awhile due to the vast geography to be covered, but looking good.

Hope you're good, too. Happy weekend.


  1. this might be the most awesome thing EVER. love the colors you've chosen -- this color palette makes super classic knitting look so hip. can't wait to see more. and i hear you on busy novembers!

  2. I'm really loving how the sweater is coming along. I would be so afraid to work on that at a hockey game for fear of messing up the color work.

  3. I really admire your skills. You knit so fast with such a thin yarn and it's so even and beautiful! I've never been that good at stranded knitting.

  4. wonderful work Chris. I have only done one color work piece of knitting and it was a hat for my son. I would like to try another one as I think I would enjoy the process and seeing the pattern emerge. Maybe I'll start small like a pair of mittens. enjoy the new painting....fresh starts are always great.