December 5, 2010

everybody (yeah), rock your body (yeah)*

* stuck in my head after seeing the Backstreet Boys on the American Music Awards. My daughter guessed every single winner correctly minus the Alternative category. She knows music.

The body is done! The topmost rounds were a bit tricky working on 4 dpns, but it's snug and safe on a circular now waiting for the sleeves to join it.

What's also done is the painting. Finally.

So, I'm doing OK at getting ready for the holidays, but I'm a little stuck on a cute, homemade project the kids could make for their teachers, friends, etc. Any ideas? (Speaking of homemade, we have several of these guys hanging out at our house from a few years ago. I have a thing for snowmen). I'm thinking bookmarks? ornaments? pencil toppers?

Happy Hannukah, friends! Hope your weekend's going great.


  1. My daughter is making ornaments this year. We bought some glass balls from the craft store and then poured different colored paint inside the ball and swirled it around. Then using a glitter pen she writes a little message with the year on the outside. They have turned out super cute!

    Love your sweater!!

  2. I was excited for your post to come up so that I could check on the progress of your amazing sweater. I wasn't disappointed when I saw how much work you have done on this beautiful project. Keep up the great work!