June 15, 2009

....then why don't you marry it?!

I think I have a teal fetish lately. Can you tell? It seems to be the only colour I'm interested in knitting. The colour of the sky and the ocean. While I was winding the yarn ball labelled "C" above, I took a shot of my new toys (top photo), for rawbean. The wooden thing is the swift and it holds the skein of yarn and spins as it unwinds. You turn the handle on the ball winder to make the magic happen. Much yarn found in stores comes in the shape of a skein, which is a large circle. Knitting straight from the skein is tricky, although some people do so by holding it across their knees. It's generally easier to get it into ball form before knitting. I hope this clarifies. Sorry it's not a video. If I explain spinning, I'll use video.

Anyway, so you can see I have at least 4 projects in turquoise underway. And I just realized there's another one to add. The sweater from this post. So "A" is going to be a beret and I'm using Mission Falls 1824. I would use this incredible yarn for everything if I could afford it. "B" is going to be a cardigan that is a brand new cool pattern from Laura. I'm using Cascade 220 in a heathery teal that's wonderful. "C" is going to be some sort of socks. Maybe some more from Cookie A's book. "D" is Rowan Felted Tweed which I have only used to make sweaters for guys but have wanted for something of my own for about 2 years. It's destined to be this cardigan.

So I'm collecting turquoise and cardigans. I could do worse.


  1. This post you have blue and when I looked up at your flickr badge all but on the of the projects there were blue....I think you have had a blue fetish for a while :)

  2. I knit straight from the skein - which involves much tugging, cat attacks and swearing when it gets small enough that it's all knotted and I have to untangle it!

    I love teal as well, what is it with that colour? It's not the 1980's teal by any means, it's re-invented.

    I love both of the cardigans you're planning!