June 11, 2009


The socks have been my take anywhere, mindless project for the last several weeks. A few minutes at the boy's hockey practice, some at soccer practice (not during the actual games, though. those are too riveting). Using leftover yarn from a baby hat of a few months ago. This yarn is wonderful stuff. These socks are so comfortable and squooshy I may never take them off. Plain vanilla pattern-wise for a busy yarn. I have to have some simple socks always underway. It's calming.

I'm also deriving goofy pleasure from the tree in my backyard. For most of the year it acts like it's a single tree but in spring it always blooms in two separate halves: pink and white.

Thirdly, I am having much fun with what arrived yesterday in the mail: my new Knitpicks swift and ball winder. They are sturdy and effective and all kinds of awesome. They wind my skeins into happy cakes which I now feel compelled to pet each time I pass. Gone are my endless nights winding yarn balls by hand from skeins held by the kitchen chair. I can hardly wait to do something laceweight/1000m-ish. Using the old method these would cause me no end of grief in those last, tangly, 50m or so. Not anymore! I'm grinning just at the thought.


  1. When you speak knit I am so confused, but it sounds amazing. All i know is Pearl and Knit....thanks to Jabba.

    How is the weather in Winnipeg?

  2. Sorry! I'm trying to find a midpoint between being completely jargonless / simple and totally assuming people know what I'm talking about when I say "swift" or "wraps per inch". I should do a sidebar with little explanatory videos or something....

  3. Love the tree that blooms in two...how fun!