June 18, 2009

something that's not teal or turquoise

Pattern: Topographie by Alexandra Tinsley
Yarn: Plucky Knitter Merino Cashmere DK (discontinued)

Andrea (and Elizabeth Z.) say it's time time to make hats, so here we go! This one takes about 30 seconds to make and is super fun. The yarn I bought about a year ago (yay! using stash!) and I'm so glad I did. Sarah's yarns are amazing (I have lots of her sock yarn), but in recent months she seems to have become so popular her store updates sell out immediately, so they're really hard to get. I'm very happy for her success (I was reading her blog way back when she first said "hmmmm. maybe I should try dyeing yarn!"), but sad for me. boo hoo.

This pattern is a simple stocking stitch in the round, with the occassional, random, bit of purl "relief". Alexandra wrote the pattern because her original yarn colour reminded her of topographical maps. I also love maps, topographical and otherwise. And anything vaguely "landscapey". Tree mitts included. I guess that's why I'm a landscape architect. Though my hat is more the colour of a Mars-scape.


  1. That is super cute and slouchy! I've been looking for the perfect (free) pattern with stockinette stitch with purls here and there...I saw a hat on the street a couple years ago....I'll find it one day.

  2. I am a fan of The Plucky Knitter too - fantastic quality and colours. I joined her sock club last year to get a lot of lovely shawl yarns for myself. Socks is not an option with this gorgeous yarn!