May 18, 2009

so much sock, so little yarn

I'm close to finishing a sweater, but in the meantime here is some sock yarn I finished spinning yesterday. It's the orange and blue wool I dyed here. I am trying to achieve the perfect sock. I'm starting with superwash corriedale wool. Superwash for the obvious assurance that even when the socks inevitably go through the wash it's probably OK, as well as the added durability the superwash process gives the wool. Corriedale rather than, say, merino, for the comparative durabilility of the breed. Anyway, then I did a fairly tight twist on each of my singles and then spun it into a 3-ply. All sounds like I'm on my way to achieving a nice durable sock.

However, I only dyed and spun up 4 oz. in this colour, thinking that since 99.9% of indy dyers on Etsy sell their roving in 4oz. batches it's likely enough for a pair of socks for the average adult. Now I'm mad at myself for not doing 8oz, especially since I dyed it myself and could have dyed any amount. I have 226 yards. It's even fewer in metres (206);). Argh.

I don't feel comfortable having less than 400 yards for a pair of socks for myself and these are supposed to be for my husband. I even checked my wraps-per-inch thing to see if maybe I have more of a sport weight yarn and then might need a bit less, but no. I'm solidly in the fingering category.

So now I need half a sock's worth of something solid in a commercial yarn to round out this thing. It's difficult to get a good honest, durable sock yarn that's not trying to be anything fancier. I think I'll do toe-up and use the store yarn for the toe, heel and whatever top of cuff I need. Oh well. I know more now. That's what counts, right?


  1. Socks, that is the next frontier for me. A friend gave me a pattern, yarn and the needles for my birthday but I'm frightened.

  2. I used to scoff at the thought of knitting a sock. Why spend so much time and energy on something you're going to just walk around on and wear out? But now I LOVE knitting them. They're easy to take anywhere, fast to make, and SO COMFY!! I wish all my socks were handmade.