May 12, 2009

may is for mitts

By funny coincidence, both Andrea and I read the May chapter in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac at the same time a few weeks ago in which she advocates knitting mittens in May because if you knit them when you actually need them you might scrimp on the length of cuff or something because you're in a rush and you're cold and because, as a project, they're nice and small and won't be a big hot lump on your lap if you're knitting outside in warm weather. Anyway, Andrea had the great idea to have a mitts knit-a-long.

I have a few mitts on the go that are more complicated and slower than these, but I decided May should also be for more FOs (finished objects) and fewer UFOs, and these had been 80% done since about February, so I dug them out.

Pattern: Hermione Cable-and-Bobble Mittens (and Hat) by Lauren Kent
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Arctic Pool Heather

I am completely in love with these. They are probably (sadly) the best-fitting things I've ever made for myself. This mitt fits like a glove ;). The wonderfully long cuffs will serve me well in the -40 chill 6 months from now. The hat is just OK. I've worn it twice and blocked it 3 times now and am still not convinced it won't continue to inch its way towards the top of my head while I'm wearing it, resulting in uncovered ears and an empty conehead on top, but we'll see. Maybe I just have a weirdly shaped noggin.


  1. Love the hat and gloves. Isn't it great to think that come this cold season you'll have a basket full of warm mittens/gloves :)

  2. I too love these mitts! I've knit a few pair of mittens from the pattern in the Stitch n' Bitch books. They fit like a glove too and the pattern is a breeze to follow.
    I also knit in the summer - on the beach.