February 7, 2014

winter rainbows

I usually love watching the Olympics, especially the winter ones, partly because I live in a very wintery climate half the year. But this year is different, and my enthusiasm has been tempered in no small part by everything I've been made aware of concerning human rights abuses in Russian prisons and their legislation about homosexuality.

I have felt upset every time I've thought about the games, to be honest. And I've felt helpless to effect change, as 'boycotting' by not watching my tv really didn't have any significance.

Then Bristol Ivy floated the idea of a donation drive and I decided that was something I could get on board with. There are lots of designers offering a percentage of their pattern sales towards helping groups who fight for LGBT rights - see the ever-growing list here.

So, for the duration of the Olympics, I'll be donating 75% of all sales of my self-published patterns to Egale, and in a small way help to nudge the world toward greater compassion.

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