April 7, 2013

spring socks

Pattern: Monkey socks by Cookie A
Yarn: Doodles in String Sock in 'Edamame'

I know I just finished making this pattern for my friend but I finally wanted a pair for myself, so here's my third iteration. Because of all my practice I can make this pattern in about a week, plus I have an undying love for sock knitting, plus I wanted to try my Sock yarn on an actual pair socks, so I really couldn't resist.

 I took numerous pictures in an attempt to capture the yellow/green/fresh plant shoot colour of this yarn. The light kept changing. Since we still have 3' of snow around here I was desperate for something in this colour.

I'm really happy with this yarn base for socks - great stitch definition, good twist, soft but with lots of strength from the nylon, and good yardage. I think it will definitely be my go-to yarn for socks from now on.

1 comment:

  1. That colour of green is DELICIOUS. I've designed a new house for my husband and me and we've decided that the front door is going to be that colour. Yum!