April 6, 2013

Bohus hat

Pattern: 'Red Light Hat' by Kersten Olsson
Yarn: Bohus Angora-Merino by Solsilke

This is a project dear to my heart that has only languished in the WIP pile for too long because it's very lightweight (though warm due to the angora in the yarn) and in these parts we have hot summers, cold winters and not a lot of mild weather in between in which to wear such a thing. However, this winter is taking its sweet time leaving, so I'm wearing it right now.

The Bohus Stickning movement was started in Sweden in the late 1930's as way to provide employment for knitters in hard economic times. There's a good summary here as well as some images of the amazing garments that were designed, knit and sold. This Red Light Hat was designed in 1959, and she recreated the design in turquoise and blue as well.

The hats, as well as cardigan and pullover versions of this design are available as kits through Solveig Gustafsson on her Solsilke site here - click on 'Bohus Stickning' at the top to see kits.

Solveig dyes all the shades of yarn herself and this laceweight blend of angora and merino is really gorgeous.

I'm glad my motivation to finish all WIPS this year has given me such a fab hat.


  1. One day Chris, I will get my tail motivated to make a beautiful color work piece like this. :)

  2. love the had and the colors that are in it! It would be perfect for our weather in the winter up here in PA!