March 25, 2012

spinning and more spinning

Fibre: Rambouillet from Northbound Knitting in 'Caribbean'
2-ply sport weight / heavy fingering (15 wpi)
394 yds.

The Northbound Knitting group on Ravelry had another spin-along, and there was a caribbean coloured blend or a citrus blend to choose from. As much as I try to abandon my persistent colour preferences of blues and greens, I couldn't pass this up. The rambouillet was such a different texture than I'm used to - very spongey. I think this skein will make a fabulous pair of socks. I have another 4 oz of this (2 braids in top photo) I haven't yet spun, because I'm too anxious to get this on the wheel...

I have 20 oz of this

 which is 'Lake Oastler' on BFL, also from Lisa at Northbound Knitting. I can't fully describe the love I have for this combo of colours. It's so perfect. It's going to become a pullover eventually; my design.

The boy and I went to Hunger Games on Friday night (great movie. I recommend reading the trilogy) and now we both have the same cold. But it's spring break and we're home this week, so it doesn't really matter. Spring cleaning time!


  1. I think you captured the Caribbean theme perfectly. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see how your other roving spins up especially once you knit it into a sweater.

  2. Love the colours! Enjoy spring break!

  3. Beautiful spinning, that green blue is fabuloso! My guys went and saw Hunger Games this weekend too, the adult and tween both loved it. Boy read the whole series and he thought it compared pretty well to the book.