May 14, 2011

random saturday

The warm weather is finally finally here, therefore I want to work strictly on small or lightweight projects for the next few months. So currently in progress are some socks, a shawl, a fingering wt. scarf, a cardigan for me and the cardigan you see above which is something I'm designing for a fabulous woman named Mona who owns one of the yarn stores here. It's in sport weight cotton, sized for children and will have a cardigan or pullover option. I'm pretty happy with it so far.

I also put together a bird, nest and tree-themed wall in my diningroom (click on photo to en-biggen).

a. this is what I started with, as I've owned and loved this antique photo of a bird on a tree (complete with real feathers at the bottom) for years

b. my fabulous cousin sells these in her shop here . I adore everything she makes.

c. print by Matte Stephens - his shop is here. Awesome, no?

d. I owned these already - original prints of trees by a local artist whose name I don't have - they were in a pile of prints for sale in another artist's studio when I toured through one day

e. print on page from a dictionary from this shop

f. print of birds in the forest from this shop

I love Etsy. Since I'm talking about it, some of my other favourite Etsy shops are: here for spinning fibre, here for handdyed yarn, and here for wooden buttons.

I hope your weekend is going well. Now I must take my dog for a stroll in the sunshine.


  1. Oh my goodness I'm so honored to be a part of the bird wall! I love all of the artwork and I am currently obsessed with etsy art as well. I have plans to buy a bunch of art soon and will share on my blog (which hasn't been updated in a LONG time).

    Hope all is well in Winnipeg!!

  2. Again, I am amazed at your continuum of talent! The wall looks amazing and has many different pieces from different places, which obviously each have a special place in your heart. The up and coming sweater also looks great -- love the colours (even though I know VERY little about knitting!!) Enjoy the wonderful weather!

  3. wow, that wall art display is inspiring. hmmmm.... perhaps something in my porch - you've got me thinking - thanks!

    and i love the colours of the cardie. beautiful


  4. Chris, I cannot stop saying this but I am in AWE of your color work. It takes skill, precision and patience. BTW, I also love your little marinade of images. So cute. Have a great weekend. I plan on doing nothing!

  5. Purple, purple, and green, sooo nice. I'm sure it will do well at the shop and elsewhere, can't wait to see the finished thing.

  6. beautiful always. I'm amazed by your skills. I love your bird wall. What a great arrangement you put together.