May 28, 2011

decisions, decisions...

I decided I wanted to spin another sweater, so I bought 550 grams (20 ozs) of some gorgeous handdyed Falkland from Kirsten to spin into a 2 ply dk-ish weight yarn.

I have about 600 yds after finishing 8 ozs, so I'm hoping I'll eventually have enough for a light cardigan.

But I can't decide if I should find a simple pattern for it like this one, or come up with something simple myself.

Meanwhile, I'm at the top of the yoke now with the child's cardigan I'm designing, so I have to make a decision about what I want the neck to do. I found some good buttons for the front this morning, so I'm nearly there. I'm really happy with this yarn and the way it's turning out in general.

I also just bought some impatiens for my porch planter, half my juniper bed perished this winter and needs severe pruning, and the weather is finally nice right now, so I should get outside and get dirty. Happy weekend.


  1. Your yarn is absolutely gorgeous Chris! I think the simple sweater would make the yarn show all it's fabulousness. So pretty. The child's cardi is very pretty also. Can't wait to see it on your model.

    Have fun out in the yard. I have to wait for the rain to stop this weekend before I'm even attempting to venture outside.


  2. Is there anything you can't do??

    I'm planning to start another quilt. That's all I have - heehee.

  3. Definitely design your own! Beautiful yarn!

  4. That Falkland looks great Chris and I luuuv your choice for a simple, light cardi.