April 1, 2011

socks are hard

So I got it in my head about 6 weeks ago that I wanted to design some socks. Seeing as I've knit lots of them I thought I knew my way around them a bit. So I started charting and knitting and more charting and more knitting and ripping. It's 6 weeks later and I have knit a total of 4 complete socks and have 1 to show for it.

Pretty frustrating, but each time I kept telling myself "hey. it's just a little sock. not much to rip back and reknit....after its timeout." It started having 3 charts; now there's 2. I've also switched up the heels and ribbing. Susi offered a very helpful tip, as well; many thanks!

I think it's there. It's super comfortable and warm. But I guess now it needs a mate.


  1. I've knit four left socks for one that is almost complete (and looks like it will remain so). But, I am not designing it, I'm following a pattern poorly, lol. Keep at it! You are in frustrated company. :)

    Looks great, by the way!

  2. It's snowing and it's April 15th, so you had better hurry up and finish that other sock!!!