September 9, 2014

fibre fête

After spending many weeks dyeing and preparing my little DIS roadshow, I was so happy when this past weekend finally arrived. The Manitoba Fibre Festival was a lot of fun to attend as a participant last year, but this year was even more fun as a vendor. We were right next to my favourite farmer's market, and the crowds were fairly intense, especially earlier in the day. I talked to so many great people willing to chat enthusiastically about yarn and projects. Thanks to everyone who came by and said 'hi'. I was nervous about my first show and you made it wonderful.

I only wish I could have seen more of everyone else's stuff, as I was rather confined to my spot (I missed the angora bunnies!). Maybe I can clone myself by this time next year. (That would make several aspects of my life easier, actually).

After the festival I went to bed early so I could get up at 5:30 the next day to run my first 10k race. I had much fun at that, too, and was pretty happy with my time. I'm really hoping to do a half marathon next spring, so I have to figure out how to run consistently through our crazy winter.


  1. Wow! such beautiful colors and yarns! I wish I ccoulve visit you.
    Congratulations on the 10K. I've been jogging for 2 years now, but I'm such a slow jogger that I feel too embarrassed to even run 5K race. It's such a wonderful goal for the half Marathon.

  2. Congratulations on the show and 10K!