September 12, 2013

lineal wristwarmers

Even though the days are still pretty hot around here, I know winter is coming (I face this with a dread I have never felt until this year. I still can't think about last winter without shuddering in horror), so I have been sorting through our cold weather accessories. We don't have a long outdoor fingerless mitt season but I knit in hockey arenas all winter and they're perfect for doing that.

This lovely pattern is Lineal Wristwarmers by Felicia Lo in her handdyed Superwash Worsted  in the 'Cayenne' colourway. I love this yarn and this colour. The sproingy ply gives the cables great bounce. They only took a few nights to make, so if I break my resolve not to knit presents in December I could whip up a few more of these puppies.

Being September, I can't stop wanting to knit ALL THE THINGS. I cast on two sweaters this week and am seriously considering a third. I love this time of year.


  1. So pretty, love the stitch definition :) they will keep you snugly warm this season.

  2. These are great!!!

    I also want to knit every single thing I see right now.

    I am also going to knit for Christmas presents this year...I hope it doesn't end up as a disaster!