December 4, 2012

whirlpool thinking process

The idea for my Whirlpool vest started almost a year ago as a collection of  vaguely related sketches in my notebook

Then I charted and knit this swatch with a certain idea...

...but decided I wanted something that was less linear, more interlocking, but still vaguely circular. Which led to this:

and this:

because I thought, at first, I would make a dk-weight stranded cardigan:

and got this far. It has quite a thick fabric and might work well as an outdoor (or hockey-watching in cold arenas) jacket, but I began to think a smaller, lighter-weight sweater would be something I would wear most often, so it morphed into a vest.

When Twist released their gorgeous mood board for the Winter issue it included several images of naturally-occurring repetitive elements that reminded me of this project so I decided to try my luck and submit it. I'm so happy they liked it, too.

photo by Carrie Bostick Hoge  for Twist Collective


  1. all beautiful. I wish I was brave enough or organized enough to design something

  2. Love your post about the process. I was just thinking today of how to talk to students about process and allowing ideas to evolve. Your post is such a wonderful illustration of that.

  3. You blow me away with your ideas and thought processes and, ultimately, the amazing final result! Keep up the excellent work!!